Dear Unlucky Traveler:
Welcome! First question: What the heck possessed you to visit this site? Seriously, what? Unless you’re insane, there shouldn’t be any reason to be here. So, either click out of here like a freaked mongoose, or seek professional help. Because after being to this site, you’re going to need it. I can recommend a few qualified doctors.

Live eviL

Heh, it's been awhile. But rather than spin a useless excuse you'd never believe (supermodels take up so much time), I'll just update with some actual content for once. Since the beginning of this semester, I have been working on a sculptural piece called the Hydroid. You can check out pictures of its current progress in the Ego Shrine, or, for those too lazy, click here for a direct link.

Lol, well, it looks like my little two week break turned into a month-long vacation. =o) A good rest, and I could still definately use some more, but I better start updating this site again, else everyone will forget about it! So, anywho, you may notice a few neat little changes I've made, and due on the horizon will be javascript and applet online games, new stories, and, hopefully, the long awaited Smilie Library! So get ready, as the month of October is sure to hold some exciting new additions to the Evilness site!


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